Thursday, February 14, 2013

Featuring Crystelle Boutique

Hello World!  Happy Valentine's Day to all my lovelies.  Today I would like to introduce you to Crystelle of Crystelle Boutique.  
Crystelle Boutique

Crystelle is a Dutch native (that would explain her natural good looks) and has a background in educational art and floral design and currently lives in the great state of Idaho with her husband and three children where she has surrounded herself with all sorts of cute critters and piles of fabric. 
See what I mean.  She's a pretty girl who has talent oozing out of her.  Is she even wearing make-up in this picture?  Now, that I have gushed about her prettiness, let me gush about her talent.  I will now hush and let the pictures do the talking.  

Her pretty mint green grandfather clock sporting a stashe.  She bought him, sanded him, painted him, glazed him and made him downright handsome. 

Crystelle's "Lisa Apron" was recently published in "Apronology"; a magazine all about, you guessed it, aprons.  I love this apron.  I think I might be visiting her shop tab on her site so I can go shopping. 

 Not only does she paint furniture and make aprons, she makes the cutest handbags ever.  The above handbag is called the Ronda Handbag and was featured in "Haute Handbags Magazine" in the Spring 2010 issue. 

Next up is the Melissa Handbag.  How cute this would be with a pair of jeans, cute t-shirt, vest, and some really kickin' boots.  

What did I tell you?  Oozing talent.  So head on over to 
Crystelle Boutique to give some love to this pretty, talented, busy wife and mom!  She can also be found on Facebook and Pinterest.  Her button can be found in my sidebar if you want to pop over from there. 

Make it Pretty Monday can be found here.  Everyone have a pretty Valentine's Day and remember to be kind to one another!  Fear Not!

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  1. All looks lovely ! Thanks for sharing ! Happy Valentines Day !

  2. Thank you so much for this lovely write-up! You have so much talent for writing, and I must say you are VERY generous with your compliments....

    hugs x

  3. Love the Melissa bag. I am headed over there right now.