Saturday, January 19, 2013

Spring Cleaning

Hello World!  Since I've been out of commission for the last six days with a fever, my house has gone the way of the slob.  Well, maybe not quite a slob, but pretty darn close to it.  I also seemed to notice every spot that seemed to appear on my carpet while I laid on the couch trying to recuperate.  Since I'm almost 100%, this coming week I'm dedicated to getting my house clean as well as addressing the spots on my carpet.  You can call it an early spring cleaning.  

This review is for all of my sweet NYC readers.  The spotlight today is on NYC carpet cleaners.  Green Choice Carpet.

Green Choice is the premiere NYC carpet cleaners.  At Green Choice Carpet they only use green cleansers.  Not only do they specialize in carpet cleaning, they also specialize in area rug cleaning.  In addition, they offer rug repair, upholstery cleaning, leather cleaning, mattress cleaning, air duct cleaning as well as address water damage. 

If you are shopping around for a New York City carpet cleaning company, Green Choice offers an unbeatable combination of quality service and value that other carpet cleaning New York companies cannot touch. Plus they add in green carpet cleaning to make sure your home or office is free from harsh chemicals. 

So if you are in the NYC area, be sure to keep Green Choice as your first choice in carpet cleaning.  Thank you for the visit.  Wishing you a pretty evening and remember to be kind to one another.  Fear Not!



  1. thanks for the info Kathryn! I'm starting a big makeover in my oldests room and i planned on having her carpet professional cleaned when I was done. I'm going to look into this company. All for chemical free:)

  2. So sorry to hear that you've been ill and it sounds like you may have had that ugly flu that's going around. I'm glad you are feeling better. Isn't it amazing the spots you can find on the carpet while laying on the couch. Isn't it irritating to see them but due to feeling so bad you can't get up to clean them!

  3. I was also getting the itch to start and "early spring cleaning." My carpets are new so pretty clean, I "splurged" on hiring a deep cleaning service to come in and tackle things like windows, blinds, baseboards, doors, cabinets, while I focused on getting rid of junk, organizing, etc. It feels AMAZING to have that our of the way right at the beginning of the year!

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