Thursday, December 13, 2012

Baby, It's Cold...Inside that Refrigerator...As it Should Be

Hello World!  Is everyone finished decorating, baking and shopping?  Fret not.  It does seem to somehow get done...even if it is down to the wire.  Next week will be my baking week for all the dance girls, dance teachers, school friends, teachers, and neighbors.  Speaking of spending time in the kitchen. ;) Nice segue, huh?  I've been asked to review the Frigidaire website.  I had no idea how many products they have.  Let me show you what caught my eye. 

Let's look in the inside, shall we?

Such loveliness.  

Not only do they make refrigerators, they have a slew of other appliances in their product list as well.  And, on top of that they also have specific parts that one could order to keep their products running smoothly for a long time.  They carry Frigidaire dishwasher parts as well as stainless steel cleaning kits; just to name a few.  These products are all from the accessories division of Frigidaire.  A division that is really the backbone of Frigidaire, working behind the scenes to make sure their star products stay in tip top shape.  

I really would like to eventually replace all of my white appliances with stainless steel.  I can definitely say that Frigidaire will definitely be one of the products lines we seriously will look at. 

Today is the school Christmas program and then an early supper with the Grandmothers.  But, I do hope to show you more Christmas decor.  If all goes as planned (you may giggle), I will have another post before I leave to see my little Chloe sing her heart out!  Better cry now instead of when I'm trying to film her.  

The Family Rules Sign giveaway closes this evening.  Pop on in and throw your hat in the ring.  Click here to go straight to the giveaway.  Also, Make it Pretty Monday is still kicking pretty strong.  Click here to go straight to the partay!

Have a pretty day and remember to be kind to one another. 


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  1. I remember those days of kids Christmas concerts ! Have a nice time ! Looking forward to more Christmas decor ! Appliances I do not need have some I don't even use but hang on to cause ya never know lol ! Have a good day !