Sunday, November 25, 2012

Are You Ready for Some Football?

Hello World!  This post is dedicated to all little boys and little girls with big dreams.  You remember what it was like.  Watching The Dedicated Daughter play and watching her imagination unfold really brings me back to when I was a kid dreaming some big dreams.  Back in my day, I dreamed of being a singer.  The Dedicated Daughter currently wants to be a dancer.  She's constantly dancing.  I imagine one day in the not so distant future she will want her bedding changed to some sort of ballerina pattern.  I'm so going to date myself, I had a Holly Hobby pattern when I was growing up.  And, I loved her with all my heart.  

The Dedicated Husband loves football and, I do every now and then get sucked into a game.  Oh, to be a young athletic boy with dreams of glory!  I imagine if we had a boy, he too would want some fantastic bedding to help kick his dreams off.  Something like the following.  

Couldn't resist being a Texan's fan.  
Or, something like this. 

Or this.

All of the NFL Bedding sets can be found at Image Bedding.  If football isn't your little man's thing, they also carry Major League Baseball sets, NBA sets, NHL sets, and NASCAR.  

Not only do they carry NFL Bedding Sets but they also have Baby Crib Set Bedding.  Here is a sample of just one of their patterns. 

With Christmas just around the corner, these great bedding sets would bring a smile to some little boy filled with dreams of glory.  So, check them out and see if they can help ease some of your Christmas shopping.  

Don't forget Make it Pretty Monday will go live at 8am CST tomorrow.  Do pop back in for a visit.  Wishing all a grand day and remember to be kind to one another!



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  2. What cute sets, Kathryn. I see you got spammed by the same person (Jose)I did. I have seen that identical post on all 10 or 12 blogs I have visited this morning-xo Diana

  3. Very beautiful and stylish of this football room. Wish my bedroom at my Bonifacio Global City condo for rent has a bedroom like this! :)