Wednesday, November 7, 2012

A Little Pumpkin Patch

Hello World!  I thought I would show you the little bit of Fall decor we have inside the house.  I really do need to buy more Fall decor, but I will show you what I have.  

Pumpkins were orange, but I decided to paint them blue, white and beige.  The pumpkin holder was a Home Goods find for $6.00 as were the little plates. 

One of my goals is to study arrangement making in depth.  I just sort of placed the pumpkins and acorns and hoped for the best.  
I added a coat of poly to the blue and beige pumpkins for just a little shine.  The white pumpkins were left in their flat state.   

Some of the pumpkins were on sticks, some were not.  There is a layer of styrofoam in the bottom of the holder and a ton of tissue paper.  I used items that I had on hand since I'm trying to not spend too much before Christmas.  

A couple of pictures with my pretty lantern.  I love how the little flecks of blue pop out in the lantern with the blue pumpkins in the background.  

In another area of the Family Room is this little vignette with a picture of The Dedicated Daughter when she was wee, my trusty rooster who roams the house and finds new places to nest, and my Jim Shore "Bless this Bounty" Thanksgiving piece.  

A little white pumpkin nesting on top of the Home Goods plates.  I use these plates for extra coasters when we host our community group for our church.  

Another Jim Shore piece.  This one is the Spring Angel.  She stays out all year because I think she's too pretty to put away.  

In this picture, I'm giving you a sneak peek of a vase that I picked up on one of my shopping adventures.  I have another post planned to highlight the finds.  That's one of the reasons you are not seeing wide shots.  The vignettes are sitting on new to me furniture.  

More pumpkins of the natural kind.  The Dedicated Daughter's pumpkin in the large one in the center.  Mine is to the left of hers and The Dedicated Husband's to the right of hers.  

My favorite pumpkins by far!  Artwork from The Dedicated Daughter.  I know I'm biased, but I think I might have a little artist on my hands.  Since the picture was taken, I bought a really ornate black frame at Hobby Lobby to display her Fall artwork.  

Our sweet little Ladybug!  She had a great time and really scored candy wise.  

Happy Fall to all my sweet readers.  I hope you enjoyed my little Fall decor.  Next week I will show you our outside Fall decor and what's going on in the back garden.  I know lots of people have started breaking out the Christmas decorations, but I'm not quite ready for that.  I'm just trying to get and keep my house clean.  lol.  

Check back in later this week for a yummy recipe.  If you are looking for Make it Pretty Monday party you can click here to join the party.  Wishing all a beautiful day and remember to be kind to one another. 


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  1. Love how you painted your pumpkins and the colors you chose. I had to look twice, I thought they were Christmas ornaments until I started reading. I think you could get away with leaving them up through Christmas. Very pretty!

  2. Kathryn, the blue, tan and white pumpkin display is gorgeous!

  3. I love the blue, white and tan pumpkin in the metal bucket. That is very creative! I'm not a big fan of the color orange so this suits me fine! :)

  4. FABULOUS blue pumpkins!!! Love that they are so "out of the box"....I love when you see something so traditional in color become something that certainly is a fabulous change....way to go! I'm with Kristie...:o)

  5. All looks so pretty . Here we are all done with our fall decor and are starting winter decor soon ! Have a good day !

  6. The painted pumpkins are really cute! Great idea to change them up with a little paint.

  7. So pretty! Love your painted pumpkins! And I agree, that angel is way too pretty to put away :)

  8. What beautiful pastel pumpkins! I just found The Dedicated House - bless you!

  9. The pumpkins painted these colors could be displayed at any time - they look marvelous - the Spring Angel is absolutely gorgeous - I do appreciate you sharing with A Return to Loveliness,

  10. I love the painted pumpkins so cute and whimsical! Cute little fairy too!

  11. The colors you chose for the pumpkins made them classy!

  12. Darling pumpkins. We're having an ornament party over on our blog. If you are planning on making ornaments I'd love to have you link up. You could also link up a past post. Have a Happy Thanksgiving. Linda

  13. Very pretty! Thanks for sharing at Bacon Time. Happy Thanksgiving :)

  14. I adore your fall decor!! Soooo pretty!

    Thanks so much for sharing this at The DIY Dreamer... From Dream To Reality! I can't wait to see what you link up this evening!