Friday, September 30, 2011

A Little Extra Something

Hello World!  It's Friday and I realized I haven't shared anything with you since Monday.  Bad blogger!  Lots of things are here in the works at The Dedicated House, but alas, nothing is finished.  I'm currently working on a chest (have to go get some wood fill today), finally picked up material half off (yeah) for the valances.  And of course, the valances I want to make are not the simple kind.  Go figure.  I always do that.  And, I'm in the midst of painting some Goodwill goodies.  You are going to flip when I show you one of the items.  It is absolutely dreamy.  Oh, and The Dedicated Daughter turned 4!  

So, today's post is about going into a store even when you know you shouldn't because you need to be shopping for the birthday girl.   I pulled up to The Children's Place to pick up a couple of outfits for the wee one last Thursday while said wee one was at Mother's Day Out.  Got there so early, the store wasn't even open yet.  We're talking 15 minutes early.  So, what's a girl to do?  Window shop of course.  Right next to The Children's Place is Kirkland's.  I used to shop at Kirkland's all the time before Home Goods entered the picture.  I think it has been a couple of years since I've graced them with my presence and cash.  But, I thought, no, I cannot go in, I must stay on task.  So, when The Children's Place opened up I scooted into their store and did the appropriate shopping.  Back out to Gandalf the Grey (that's what I named our Grey truck...I know, I'm a dork) to head off to Target.  Did I go to Target? No, not right then.  I slipped into Kirkland's.  Gasp.  I couldn't help myself.   They were having a sale...aren't they always?  So, I came home with this...

I love the scrolls.  

And, the birthday girl with the Chocolate Raspberry cake she requested!

 I love the fact that the back of the clock is see through.  And, it has a loud tick, which I love.  Not bad for $18.00.  Yep, handed the lady a crisp twenty and headed out to Gandalf to go to Target.  I've decided to focus on one room at a time, because I was getting too scattered and I don't like that feeling.  So, the voice studio is coming along nicely.  Almost everything I have project wise is for the studio.  That's it for now.  Hopefully, I'll be back soon, with the little chest I found.  Have a great day and remember to be kind to one another.  


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